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Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 08:18:14 -0400
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Subject: t/travis/luv.crd

Subject: t/travis/luv.crd
Song: 'Luv' by Travis (written by Fran Healey)
Album: The Man Who

Transcribed by Simon Bobin
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This is a really beautiful song, and has to be played softly 
and slowly as on the cd. Try hitting a bass note each time you
strum. The singing part is really high and quite hard to pull
off. The transition  to A7 on the verse is a trademark 
of John Lennon's songs (Across the Universe). If you're a Beatles 
freak like me you'll know what I mean!!

CHORDS USED:   D      X00232
               Dmaj7  X00222
               G      320033
               A7     002020
               Bm     224432

Intro:  D  Dmaj7  D  Dmaj7

       D         Dmaj7    D   Dmaj7     G
Verse: What's so wrong..             ..over?

       D  Dmaj7   D  Dmaj7   A7
       And where..

       D            Dmaj7    D   Dmaj7    Bm
       And distance...

       ..where ...

Chorus: It's the mistake we made..

                                                D     D
       ..was in ....



                       The End
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