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Driftwood Chords

name: ruth murphy

artist: travis

SongTitle: driftwood

Tabs: intro:
D G A A7 (X2)
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verse 1:
D             G         
everything is open
A                 A7        
nothing is set in stone
D              G
rivers turn to ocean
A                A7
oceans tide your home
D                 G
home is where the heart is
A                     A7
but your heart had to roam
D              G
drifting under bridges
A        A7
never to return 
A                A7
watching bridges burn

       D         A              Em
you're driftwood floating under water,
A             Em              G
breaking into pieces, pieces, pieces,
     D         A             Em      
just driftwood hollow and of no use
A               Em                  G
waterfalls will find you, bind you, grind you

        Em                           A
and you really didn't think it would happen
       Em                       A
but it really is the end of the line