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Blue Flashing Light Chords

Travis: The Man Who: Blue Flashing Light

tabbed by stephen reid

this is the way fran plays it on his acoustic, you could play it with
a heavily distorted electric too though. I've also included the riff
that Andy plays twice in the song, enjoy.

Em     	022000
Am	X02210
D7	XX0212
E11	024000
G	355433
Cmaj7	X32310

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Em Am D7 E11

G Em G Em

    Em                Cmaj7
E --0-----------------0--|
B --0-----------------1--|
G --0-----------------3--|
D --2-----------------2--|
A --2-----0--1--0-----3--|
E --0--3-----------3-----|

When you play the G slide your index finger in from the bass notes on the
second fret to get the right sound.