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Drops Of Jupiter Tab

Artist: Train
Song: Drops of Jupiter
Tabbed by: DJ lethal
Tuning: Standard

This tab has to be correct! (it took me 3 weeks to tab it)

Chords used:

    C         G         F         D         Dm        Bb

E|--0--|  E|--3--|  E|--1--|  E|--2--|  E|--1--|  E|--1--|
B|--1--|  B|--0--|  B|--1--|  B|--3--|  B|--3--|  B|--3--|
G|--0--|  G|--0--|  G|--2--|  G|--2--|  G|--2--|  G|--3--|
D|--2--|  D|--0--|  D|--3--|  D|--0--|  D|--0--|  D|--0--|
A|--3--|  A|--2--|  A|--0--|  A|--0--|  A|--0--|  A|-----|
E|--0--|  E|--3--|  E|--0--|  E|-----|  E|-----|  E|-----|

(listen to the CD for the strumming pattern)

Riff 1 


C     G     F    F

Riff 2


G     D     F    C

Riff 3


G     D     Dm   F

Riff 4


C     G     Bb   F
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Riff 5


I know that the start is played on piano but I have tabbed the intro for guitar.

Song Structure:

Riff 1 x1

Verse 1
Riff 1 x3

Chorus 1
Riff 2 x1
Riff 3 x1

Instrumental 1 (this is the part on the CD when the guitar comes in)
Riff 1 x1

Verse 2
Riff 1 x3

Chorus 2
Riff 2 x1
Riff 3 x1

Riff 5 x2

Verse 3   (or you can play Riff 5 twice through this part)
Riff 1 x1
Riff 4 x1  

Chorus 3
Riff 2 x2
Riff 3 x1

Riff 1 x2
Riff 4 x1

There you have it!
Any questions email me at djdistortion@hotmail,com