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Thugs Chords

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Date: Sat, 26 Aug 95 21:53:00 UTC
Subject: CRD: Thugs - Tragically Hip

Thugs - The Tragically Hip
>From DAY FOR NIGHT, 1994

Tabbed by Duncan Koerber 

Note: This song is in drop-d tuning: DADGBe

Tip: for the first playing of the verse, the chords are played
as listed. Later in the song the guitar hammer-ons G5 and A5
and open (000xxx) with C5. It adds a little flavour to the tune.
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everyone's got their breaking point
with me it's spiders, with you it's me
thugs in perpetuity
when we're excited little birds around the feeder
the cat's indifferent or he's just furious
it seem's that he's never neither
C5               G5             A5
i do the rolling you do the detail
C5               G5             A5
i do the rolling you do the detail

hairbird plucks a hair from a sleeping dog
to build her nest she said I've looked around
and i like your hair the best

i do the rolling you do the detail
i do the rolling you do the detail

Ruby, honey are you mad at your man?


G5 - 555xxx
A5 - 777xxx
C5 - 101010xxx