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If You Could Only See Chords

If you could only see By Tonic
Tabbed By Ebenezum

Was not able to find certain chord.
For this song, it will be labled "$"  G is an acceptable substitute.



on 2nd half of see  Am        C/B   C                            G
If you could only see the way she loves me then maybe you would understand
                 Am       C/B   C                G
Why I feel this way about our love and what I must do.
                   Am         C/B  C                    G
If you could Only See the way her eyes can be when she says
D(Let it Ring)
When she say she loves me.

Am $ F  (play twice)
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Before singing strike on each     I
Am twice then let ring            I_________  Cord combo is "1"
Well you've got your reasons      I
Am(5 times) $ F(2 times)          I
F                                 I
And you've got your lies          I_________  Cord Combo is "2"
After: F(5 times) $ Am(2 times)   I

And you've fot your manipulations   Combo 1

They cut me down to size    Combo 2

Am             C/B  C                                 G
Sayin you love but you don't You give your heart but you won't


If you can't do it from here, than I can't help you.
It's an easy way to do a beautiful song.  Good luck.