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Salmon Song Chords

This is a fun one from the movie Road Trip.  It's funny and people like it even thought it's simple.

[D struming] 
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[D] Tiny [G] salmon swimming the [A] stream [G]
[D] Tiny [G] salmon chasing that [A] imposible dream [G]
[D] The miner bird [G] says, [A]"Awwwww, aww, [G] awwwwww."
[D] The chimpanzee [G] says, [A]"Ehhehhhehhehh[G] ehhehh."
[D] The friendly [G] owl says, [A]"Whooooo, who[G] whooooo."
[D] But the salmon [G] can only say, [A]"bloaloaloaloa[A]loaloa[A]."
And it's [D] sad.