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Dreamers Dream Chords

Dreamer's Dream							Tom Cochrane


Verse 1:

[Em]If I [D(F#)]was a [G]sailor [D(F#)]man,
[Em]if I [D(F#)]was lost at [G]sea.(bass notes G, F#, E)
[Em]I'd see your [D(F#)]light shining there,
[G]off the rocks, [D(F#)]]off the sand,
[C]That light would be [D]all that I'd [G]see. (bass notes G, F#, E)
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[Em]And if I [D(F#)]was the [G]king of the [D(F#)]world,
[Em]With all the [D(F#)]world to set [G]free. (bass notes G, F#, E)
[Em]You'D be the [D(F#)]one there to [G]force my hand, [D)F#)]to make a stand,
[C]Give me that [D]sweet re[G]lease.


(bass notes G, B, C)
[C]Those are the [G (B)] dreams that a [Am] dreamer [G]dreams,
[C]Those [G]are the [D]dreams that he [G]dreams.
[C]Fill you [G(B)]up so high, so [Am]high you wouldn't come [G]down,
[C]Those [G/B]are the [D]dreamer's [G]dreams.

Verse 2:

If I could see in you all the things you want me to,
And if I could walk a mile in your shoes.
An old cliché, anyway, but if you could just do the same
There's nothing we couldn't do.

Surround you with a light so bright you wouldn't come down
Surround you with a silver crown
Fill you up so high, so high you wouldn't come down
Those are the dreamer's dreams.

Repeat chorus 2 times.