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From: "Ben Weiss" 

Toad the Wet Sprocket
Album: _Pale_
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Dm                                 Am
Be who you are - if it fits in the system
Dm                                            Am
Say what you will - but you might die if they listen
     G                    F                Am
They think in the politics of gasoline and torture

Em                            Am
Please only talk to me in the dark (repeat)

Write what you will - if you write it in a prison
Sing how you feel - but you might die if they listen
They think in the politics of rosaries and chains

                 G                F              Am   Em
CHORUS: And it's hard to tell the right from the wrong
                 G           F           Em    Am
        When the right is protecting the wrong

Be who you are - but not where there are people
Reality is taught - right and wrong, there is no middle
We think in the policies of money and ourselves

End on Am