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Old Town New Chords

Artist:	Tim McGraw
Song:	Old Town New
Album:	Live Like You Were Dying

Tab by Russ B.

Am	=	x02210
G	=	320001
Em	= 	022000
Bm	=	X24432
c	=	X32010
D	=	XX0232

G6 	=	3200XX 
c?	=	X2000X 

(G6 / C?... all I can pick up is a B note in this chord, I doubt either of these chords
is correct but you can BS your way with them, pick one and use it)



On a lover's...

Am            G		    	    Am		G

leave, with a freeway view, sittin' on my hood, thinking 'bout you

      Em                     Bm                             c

going over in my mind, every kiss and every fight, yeah the fool on the hill,

                        D --->	e|-----3---2--|
is beatin' down another night	G|---2---2----|

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	   Am			     G                  Am                  G

There were days so hard, I thought I had to go, I'd get in my car, and just follow the road

         Em                   Bm              c                         D
But this is my home, and it's who I am, and I know I'd stay, if I could make this... 

Am  G6   c                             G				 D

old town new again, a color other than blue again, I'd have something to do again,

			  c   G

instead of thinking 'bout you again

        Em                 D              c	     G6

But the people I know, the places I go, remind me of you

          Am			D		   Am...

won't somebody come around, and make this old town new

There were nights so long, I thought the sun burned out
There were girls so wrong, I don't wanna talk about
I was burnin' up the night, yeah in an alcohol flame
Lightin' up my way, tryin' to make this


	  Em		    D		   c            G6

Yeah the people I know, the places I go, remind me of you

       Am                  G6                 c			G 

Oh and love goes wrong but life goes on and I know what I gotta do

c?	 Am 			   D		         Am

I'm just hangin' around, tryin' to make this old town... new


Song fades alternating Am and G...