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Giver Of Life Chords

Giver of Life
       by Tim Hughes

F  G  Em  Am

Am        G/B               C
Giver of life, You never change
             F                  Am
All that is perfect comes from You
     G               F
Your wonders never cease
Am        G/B            C 
Not even life, not even death 
        F                   Am
Nor any power in heaven or earth
       G            F
Could separate us from Your love 

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         F   G
You are good 
          Em             Am
And Your mercies last a lifetime
         F  G      Em      Am
You are good, always, always 
      F  G      Em            Am
Everyday, Your love is never ending 
             F  G     Em      Am
For You are good, always always 

Am           G/B
Freely you give 
New every day
          F               Am 
Your mercies will never fail
    G/B                    F 
So great is Your faithfulness! 
Am             G/B               C
Your love is kind, Your love is pure
                F             Am 
Your love will always persevere 
        G           F
For every blessing comes from You 

F  G  Em  Am

Am             G                   F
You delight to pour Your goodness down 
Am             D/F#                F
You delight to pour Your goodness down

F  G  Em  Am