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Bessa Chords

			     BESSA - Tilly and the Wall
Tabbed by: Rachel Carlson
Email: rachel-k-carlson@uiowa.edu

         [C]                    [F]
Morning came and I tried not to notice
       [C]                   [G]	
It was time for you to move along
        [C]                            [F]
And the minutes fell like petals all around us
       [C]               [G]              [C]
Like a goodbye kiss when goodbye felt so wrong

So you better get going
You better move along now
               [G]                   [C]
You better run off and make yourself scarce.
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          [C]                     [F]
These few days have decided to be lazy.
           [C]                    [G]
They don't move or seem to end at all.
       [C]                           [F]
And my heart - it is close enough to breaking
        [C]        [G]               [C]
That is hurts just listening to your songs.


            [E]                 [G]
It's been a while now since you left,
      [A]                             [F]
And I can't seem to shake this lonely mood.
        [D7]                   [G]         [C]
When the time comes I'll try my best not to tell you

Please don't leave again
[C]                 [G]
Please don't leave again
I guess I'll say it now then,
Please don't leave me again

          [C]                         [F]
Since it's all I have I want to go to sleep
     [C]                             [G]
And dream of you and me just off the coast
     [C]                          [F]
On a holiday so long and warm and lucky.
          [C]          [G]          [C]
I always wake up in my bedroom all alone.

Guess I better wake up then
I guess I better be going
                     [G]                    [C]
I guess I better move on now and find my own way.