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Narcolepsy Tab

Third Eye Blind
Tabbed by: Kevin Brosky (3EBdude)

This is the correct way to play Narcolepsy.  I was disappointed that nobody had
this on here so this is my tab.

First off, the tuning is: F# A D F# A E  (sidenote: this is also the tuning for Forget Myself)

It also should be known that this is played in all one part.  So it goes like
this for the intro/verse:


That gets repeated several times.  Let the chords ring and you should be able to
figure out the timing from listening to the recording.

Then comes this part:

 "I try to keep awake..."
[ Tab from: ]
  "I can feel this narcolepsy slide into another nightmare..."

Then the distortion kicks in and you strum those beginning chords


That's the basis of the whole song.  There is a lot that repeats.  The only thing
left I think would be the solo:

(Played only on the high E string, it goes pretty fast)



Ok, that should be it for this song.  If I left out some little bits and pieces,
it shouldn't be hard to figure them out using what I have hear.  Just listen to
the recording of it to get the timing and strum patterns down.  Enjoy!