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Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 07:54:55 +0100 (MET)
From: Kristoffer J Rydquist 
Subject: Thin Lizzy: Don't Believe A Word

Thin Lizzy "Don't believe a word", from the album "Johnny the Fox".

This version is also found on "Lizzy Killers", (collection).

Another (slower) version is played on Gary Moore's solo album "Parisienne
Walkways" (there exists a few different versions of this record, so this 
no guarantee) where Gary sings duet with Phil Lynott.
The slower version can also be found on "LiveLife". The chords are the same,
more info below...

*Intro 8 bars:


Guitar 1:
-------7-5-----5-4--|-------7-5-----5-4--|------Repeat 5 times---

Guitar 2:

Guitar 1 plays 4 bars solo, then guitar 2 kicks in and they play three 
together. The last intro bar looks like this:

Guitar 1:         Guitar 2:
--------------|   |---------------
--------------|   |---------------
--------------|   |---------------
--5-5-4---7---|   |---9-9-7-------
--------5-----|   |---------7-0---
--------------|   |---------------

Guitar tacet, drums by the one and only Brian Downey! (one bar or

The guitar playing in the verses are power/barre chords (Ex: Am G F 
Where a chord is played for a "long" time, play this figure instead of 
the chord:
[ Tab from: ]
Over Dm:                         Over Am:                  Over Em
-----------------------|        |--------------------       +2 compared 
to Dm
-----------------------|        |--------------------
-------(8)-(7)-(8)-----|        |--------(6)-(5)--(6)-
--------10--8---10-----|        |---------8---6----8---
-----------------------|        |--------------------
--8--8-----------------|        |---5--5------------

Both guitars play bass tones, then Git1 "parenthesised" notes, Git2 the 



Same chord progression as the verses, play it twice.
My suggestion: A pentatonic, harmonic minor or "blues scale".  
Scott Gorham (I guess its him) plays with wah-wah and Les Paul guitar.

*Bridge again

Intro riff 7 bars, 8th (last) bar:

E--------------5\----- (Hold A5 chord and slide down)


The "slow" version(s):


Am (Am7 sounds nice during the intro)
                let ring

(The bass plays the figure on the E and A strings)

On the LiveLife, one guitar plays Am7 arpeggios (one string at a time),
and the figure is:

                   let ring

Solos sounds best in harmonic minor, to create a "mood".
The riffs are gone, of course, just play open chords..


Chords: Cut this out if you know them..

Am x02210 or Am barre 577555, Am7 x02013 

Dm  xx0231 or barre  8 10 10 8 8 8 

Em  022000

G barre 355433 or open 320003 alt 320033

F barre  133211 or "open" skip the E,A strings


Credit for lyrics and chords: A piano Lizzy book
(I hate when pianists transcribe music made for guitar,
 especially "easy play" type books!)              

Any comments, corrections welcome! Any Lizzy stuff more welcome!!

Kristoffer Rydquist

"He took everything personally, including our royalties!"
David St.Hubbins, Spinal Tap about Ian Faith, their ex-manager