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From: (Arnold Bennett)

Artist:	They Might Be Giants
Song:	Snail Shell

TMBG -- one of the best bands.  If you havent already,
check out TMBG's Hello recording club.  Its got some pretty good
stuff on it (At least '93 did).  I know that this isnt exactly the best
song on the album, but its got some pretty cool guitar on it.

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e ------------------------------|-----------------|---------------------|
B -------------------------7-5--|---------------5-|-------7-5-----------|
G -----2-5---------2-5-----7-5--|--9-7-7----7---6-|-5-----7-5-----------|
D -2-5-----7---2-5-----7-5-7-5--|--------10---5-7-|---5-7-7-5-----------|
A ------------------------------|-----------------|---------------------|
E ------------------------------|-----------------|---------------------|

Keybords Go:	|:	Am	D	:| x4

Am Bm C D E F# G G# A

G / A

- MB
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