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Phantom Walls Chords

The The~ Phantom Wall
1,2,3,4 (ONCE)
(1)Sensed but Unheard
(2)As the curtain softly s(3)tirs
Its n(4)ot just a memory
(1)But it lives and breathes(2)
Watching over you whilst you (3)sleep
Kneeling be(4)side you when you weep

(C)Hey, don't be afraid(F)
(E)Don't try and run awa(F)y
Because p(C)ain can be your fr(F)iend
(E)As it exp(F)lains

The (Dm) answers to (Em) your questions
C(F)onsoles you in blue (G) reflections
Listens (Dm)  to your so(Em) ul's confessions
Then (F) leads you in (G) new directions
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So open your heart again
And feel the walls dissolve
Something's whispering to you
It's time to let go
Because the only thing that stays the same
Is that everything must change
Everything must change

Hey embrace your pain
You cannot run away
And pain can be your friend
As it explains

The answer to your questions
Consoles you in blue reflections
Listens to your soul's confessions
Then leads you in new directions

And all the while that you were waiting
For love to keep the light from waning
It's pain that stops the heart from hating
That cures the mind of hesitating
That helps the soul in separating
From everything that it's been blaming
Everything's changing


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2- 432XXX
3- 532XXX
4- 101XXX