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Defense Mechanism Tab

     the spirit that guides us - defense mechanism

Tabbed by: R o n a l d  T e u n e
Email: r t w o l f [at] g m x [dot] n e t

New band!

here's a first version of the intro of the song "Defense Mechanism" by the spirit that
guides us. They seem to have tuned their guitar at Dropped-D tuning; the lower E tuned
down to D
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E |-----------------------------------|-----------------|----------------|
B |-----------------------------------|-----------------|----------------|
G |-----------------------------------|-----------------|----------------|
D |---------0-------------------------|---------0-------|----------------|
A |-2---2S4---------0-----------------|-2---2S4---------|-0-----0-0-0----|
E |---2-------3-3-3---2-2-2-2-0-10-10-|---2-------3-3-3-|---2-2----------|

This intro is played twice, after that the song starts.

In dropped D tuning it's like this:

E |---------------------------------|-----------------|----------------|
B |---------------------------------|-----------------|----------------|
G |---------------------------------|-----------------|----------------|
D |---------------------------------|-----------------|----------------|
A |-2---2S4-5-------0---------------|-2---2S4-5-------|-0-----0-0-0----|
D |---4-------5-5-5---4-4-4-4-2-0-0-|---4-------5-5---|---4-4----------|