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You Baby Chords

You, Baby

C                              Em
You know I've been wanting you my whole life through
    F                  G        F              G
And now that you're my guy, I'm gonna live and die for only you
Baby baby, now, you're gonna know
All the ways I've had to throw you so
C                           G 
You're gonna see there's a lifetime of love in me just for
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You, baby (baby, ah)
You, baby (baby, ah)
F          Dm
Ooh, baby, just for you
G           C
Oh oh, only you

Could've made me wait this long wanting your kiss
But now you're really mine, I think of all the time you made us miss
Baby baby, now that it's alright,
I'm gonna hug and kiss you every night
You're gonna see that I saved all the love in me just for

Chorus (repeat and fade out)

By Josť Duarte