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Thank You Chords

			     Thank You - The Redwalls

Tabbed by: John Lemmon
Tuning: EADGBe (Standard)

[ Intro ]

Note: On the A7, hammer your pinky on the 2nd fret of the bottom (high E) string.
Listen to the song to get the idea.

A  Amaj7  A7  D 
D7 A D7 E

[ Verses ]

These days it seems as though, 
I've lived a lonely life time, 
A7                    D
because i never had a girl like you to hold me tight.
And since you came around
And you showed your world to me 
D7                                        E
I'm beginning to think that I'll never be blue again
[ Tab from: ]
Now that you're in my life
You are my brightest day
A7                                 D
When you came you chased my blues away
D7                                     A                    
And you know you're all that I've been waiting on
D7                          E
  And all the stars I wish upon

[ Chorus ]

So I say thank you
Yeah, for being there
                       E7         A
Because you and me are gonna be alright

So thank you
Yeah, for loving me long
                       E7         A
Because you and me are gonna be alright

[ Middle Eight ]

          D7           E7
I'm on my knees (on my knees)
               D7               E7
It's days like these (days like these)
           D7         E7
When all I see (all I see)

Is you and me