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I am 100% sure this is correct. I am 100% sure because i e-mailed John (who wrote it
and asked him and he said:"those are perfect kiddo <3". Thus they are perfect. Anyway,
The Park Bench Rant now goes by the name Spinnaker but this was written before the
change. sorry about the confusion.

Capo on 2nd fret

C		    G
Cigarette catches in my ashtray
	Am		 E
Like a flower blooming in the spring
       F			G
And I know when the sun comes up tomorrow
          C          E         Am
There will be hell to pay for 
E   	     F               C
living this way

C			G
Looked at me through blood shot eyes 
	Am		E
And I smiled And I wondered why 
	F		       G		    C
we have thrown ourselves into our machines

	  Am		   E
And is it worth it to not sleep till morning
	F			 G
I was wishing we were in your sheets and kissing
       C            E	Am    
But my teeth were to numb 
E    F		C
last night
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C		        G
We could watch the sun come up
	       Am	        E
And I could talk your tired ears off
                          F		G
And if by some miracle  when we wake up tomorrow
          C          E         Am
I will have some things to say
   E   	            F                           C
Apologies for acting this way

 Am		   E
Last night I lit and candle
 	F			G
And I bit my tongue because when you are lonely
	C	         E              Am
And the boat comes creeping in
E			F		C
That is worse than death sometimes

C			G
Tonight behind my tired eyes
	   Am			    E
Are those standard lines that I'm sure They worked on 
F			     G
me and you when there's nothing else to do
         C              E         Am
We made some bad mistakes
     E		F
Its inevitable

C	     G
Cigarette in my teeth
	Am			E
Was snubbed by her hate but maybe tonight
I look like Rick Blaine
      G              C
To your blue eyes

C	   G
The rain smashes through concrete
	Am	        E
Your name is beautiful to me
So if you give me one meaning
G			      C
You can live forever in a song
               E          Am
You'll go on and on
        F		C
And on...