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Periscopes Chords

D                                                    G
Well i woke up last night, couldn't tell if i was dreaming. 
D                                          G
I thought i saw the face of an angel and i heard her speaking to me. 
D                                             G
She said my boy, don't fill up your head with trivial things. 
D                                   G
Cos life's too beautiful for you to leave. 

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F                         C
Just like periscopes up in the sky, 
G                               A#                      B#
well i have never seen a girl as beautiful as you in my whole life. 
F                          C
Things don't always go the way you plan them, 
G                                                       A#                  
but if your rollin' with the flow well then it makes it easier, makes it 
easier to bare. 

D - G    x4

D                                                       G
I'll give you kisses on your neck just like i always promised. 
D                                                     G
You came into my mind like pictures of an earthly godess. 
D                                                           G
She said my boy don't fill up your heart with nothing but love. 
D  (slide down neck off guitar)            G
That truth is true to you is truth enough. 


Easier to bare. (a few times)