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Sasquatch by Tenacious D

This song is moderately difficult.   There's one section with a little solo,
and the end has some tough finger picking, but the meat and potatoes is 4 basic chords.
I like this song because it has spice, its not repetitive, and the lyrics are great.
It's hard to perform for people without a man in a gorilla suit kickin it on the drums,
but i suggest skipping that part.

Part I:  All the chords in this part are muted immediately, they are very "staccato."
The last line "...his legend's ancient in..." at that point they let the chords ring more.

(Bm)        A              E                 F#
There was some scientists tryin to figure out the Sasquatch riddle
Bm       A                                E        F# G F#
Then they figured out it was a missing link.
Bm               A                     E                                      F#
In Search of Sasquatch... that was a kick-ass "In Search Of..."
Bm                 A        E
with Leonard Nimoy kickin out the *JAMS*.
Bm                   A               E           F#
He captured imagination.  Of people all around the globe
Bm                    A                  E           F# G F#
His name was Sasquatch... so I'm told...
Bm    A    E        F#       Bm       A    E         F# G F#  E......
His legend's ancient in the ancient scribe of the indian tribe...     apache tribe.
Scientists have proven that the Sasquatch is real.  Take a look at the plastic cast of his
foot now you know he's real.  Listen real close to the audio tape not human no you know he's
real.  Couldn't be a man in a gorilla suit no fuckin' way you know he's real.  Real, real,
real real, real, real really real...... real.
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Part II:  This is the jam.  JB rocks the chords and KG rocks the solo,
short but sweet, also cue Sasquatch on the drums.  The chords are
different from part 1 so pay attention.  All chords are barre chords here.

Bm      A        C       G

e-------------------10----10--12--12^(whole step)-12--10-10-9--9--9--9--9--9--9--------|

Don't take this personal because it's not about your playing.  No, dude
your drumming is kick ass. It's just that the D, it's always just been
me and KG.  And we're just not comfortable being a power trio.

Part III: This part isn't hard, just two chords......right?  Well the
strumming is rather difficult.  It speeds up for the vocal section,
I would practice doing it slow, then gently get faster and it will become easier for you.

  Bm   A
g-----4----4----------2----2----|  Repeat each chord as necessary.
I hope there's no hard feelings.

Part III (continued): This is the same as before, only faster.

Bm           A                       Bm
Sasquatch..... we know your legend's real.
Bm           A               (rest) Bm
Sasquatch..... we know your love is real.
Bm           A(strum)                             <--(strum full A chord, let ring)
Sasquatch..... you and Tenacious D, are.. real.

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