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Rock Your Socks Off Tab

Tenacious D - Rock Your Socks Off
transcribed by JohnnyWu2
*this song and lyrics are tabbed using the live show version from The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.
I know the first thing that everyone is going to say is that the lyrics are not correct.  Please forgive me, this was a difficult song to get the lyrics down, so if it is not perfect please feel free to add the lyrics you think are correct, i dont mind people telling me that my lyrics are wrong but they are something that is debatable sometimes, i'm not always correct.  There I said it.

Intro & Main Verse: Part I:  This riff is sweet and fairly easy.  

Part II: Bach Section, VERY DIFFICULT.  This part is hard, i'm not going to lie.  It is from Bach- Bourree.  I bit this tab off of someone else and then made it more like KG plays it. If this section is too difficult for you, do not be ashamed and break and/or burn your guitar, just play the bottom section (bolded section), this will still sound ok, if you are a perfectionist then play both the top and bottom.



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Part III: This is the only other part to the song.  It is basically just chords, on the last E there are some pull offs on the chord itself.  Just mash your fat index finger across all the strings on the seventh fret so when you lift off of the ninth fret and strum it still sounds right.
  E(repeat as needed)   A		        B              E

Part I
It doesn't matter if it is good, it only matters if it rocks
the main thing that we do is to rock your socks off
There's no such thing as a rock prodigy, cuz rock and roll is bogus
right KG? right, only thing that really matters is a classical sauce.
and thats why me and KG are classically trained to rock your freakin' socks off
give em a taste KG, (KG) Alright.

Part II
That is Bach and it rocks, its a rock block of Bach, that he learned,
in a school called the school of hard knocks

Part III
give it up for KG, give it up for me, 
give it up for KG, give it up for me,
give it up for rock, give it up for blues,
give it up for everything that is not to lose,
A		            B				       E
now rock your socks off woman, to prop your ship up yall.
A		            B			   E
Give it up children, now just pack your ship up.

Part I
Now I know what a lot of you here are saying tonight,
you're saying that looks like a fun way to make a living
you know what maybe i'll go get a guitar, learn some power chords
and make up some funny lyrics, that go...
I've got news for you buddy, it is not fun
we put up with so much bull, for instance...
how bout when you're about to go on stage
and then the stage manager says, 
there is a talent scout in the audience tonight
all of the sudden the mellow gig turns into a fiery hoop
and youve got explosive diarrhea because of the nervous nelly butterflies in your stomach
and then how about this one...
you realize that your manager, that you've trusted for years
found out where your secret stash was, pinched it, stuffed it in her pockets
and then stole some of your loot and snarffed it because you cant trust anybody in the business
all i'm sayin, we've been through so much bull just to be here tonight to rock your freakin' socks off.
and all we ask in return is so precious little, all i'm saying is drop trou, and show us a little of the ol'
Part III:
give it up for KG, give it up for me, 
give it up for KG, give it up for me,
give it up for rock, give it up for blues,
give it up for everything that is not to lose,
A				B		       E
now rock your socks off woman, to prop your ship up yall.
A			      B			E
Give it up children, now just freak your sheep out!!

Part IV: He adds this part at the end there is a variation on the E chord right before they start wailing on it.  Then it ends with the regular chords (A, B, and E).