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hey pplz...this is an awesome song...i luv it...hope it sounds okay..it did 2 me..ok ...cyo

verse one

creep up and tell me that you
                                Am          G  
you love me more each time you look into my eyes i feel
i know you dont mean to be mean
                                  Am                G
and im sure you know the same for me when you creep up and say

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F        C             G
darling, you break my heart each time you
F        C             G
darling, i break my heart each time i

verse two
you slip your hands inside my pockets 
                          Am              G
tell me nothing else will do with out me you cant live
you slip your heart into my chest
they both become one of the strongest pairs
when strangers come


there, thats about it..its not hard and u can email me at banana_Cream_pie000@msn.com if u have any questions