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As The Blood Spills Chords

4/8/00 Copyright Music and Lyrics by Mark O'Dwyer

                                       As the Blood Spills
                                        Tears of Blood
I'll call this part Q  |
e -------------|       |
B -------------|       |
G -------------|       |
D -------------|       |
A -------------|       |
E --2---3------|       |   Intro:  D   Am   C   G  x2,  Q

Verse 1:
D     Am   G              A
Right now I write from the deep soul
D     Am   G            A
Your heart pearsed by a bullet hole
D      Am        G        A
Please live dont take the last breath
D   Am      G      A
But we have got no time left

Dm       G7       C6           Am
Tryin to hide but inside i was cryin
Dm           G7    C6     Am
I knew in my head she was dying
D        Em          G        Q
Is it so hard to say Good-bye

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G          D               Am     Em
And as the Blood Spills it hurts, it hurts
G       D           Am    Em
She was Perfect but now, I see
Blood on my hands
Cuz were holdin hands
Drippin the the ground
I broken
G        D Am Em

Verse 2:
We used to laugh used to laugh alot
but now the funs fucked up


Chorus x2

D     Am   C       G
In my arms was her death bed
D        Am       C       G
I stared into the eyes on her head
D       Am            C         G
Let the last kiss the last word take place
D      Am           C   G
Slowly i approached her perfect face
D          Am             C         G
I'll never forget that in my entire life
D        Am                C             G              D    Q   D
Then she parted closed her eyes then she died and thats end