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From: IaoVERTIGO@aol.com
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 1995 16:43:03 -0500

(Roland Orzabal)
from the album Raoul and the Kings of Spain

Verse one:

    Is          this       world     spin - ning     round

   Has      the      ship    run      a  -  ground

What's that shape, what's that sound?
That's just me falling down
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Some of us are free, some are bound
Some will swim, some will drown
Some of us are saints, some are clowns
Just like me, they're falling down

Well I lied to the nation
While my reputation ran dry
>From my lungs to my liver
Clung to the river bank's side
Yeah well I'm back in the water

Doing what I oughtta
Trying to lead an ordinary life

Verse two (as verse one):
Is this world spinning round
Has the ship run aground
What's that shape, what's that sound
That's just me falling down

Some of us are green, some are brown
Some are lost, some are found
Sight unseen, baby, sound on sound
Pray for me, I'm falling down

Chorus Two (as chorus one):
I was lost in the jungle
Crossed over enemy lines
Well I got me a red nose
By sleeping under hedgerows at night
Yeah well I tried levitation
Flying in formation
Heaven knows the weight of this crime

(Repeat verse one omitting second stanza)

C         Em
Falling down
C         Em
Falling down
C         Em
Falling down
C         Em
Falling down

(Play verse "riff" twice ending with slight crescendo on second time)

--- Matt (iaovertigo@aol.com)