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Good Tradition Chords

Tanita Tikaram: Good Tradition

capo on 1st freet

(G)There's a good tradition of (C)love and hate (G)staying by the(D) fireside
There's a (G)good tradition of (C)love and hate (G)staying by the (D)fireside

And though the (G)rain may fall - your(C) father's calling you
(G)You still feel (D)safe inside
And though your (G)ma's too proud - your (C)brother's ignoring you
(G)You still feel (D)safe inside

Oh, (C)was this solo?
(G)Was this yesterday?
(D)Was this true for you?(G...-G7)
'Cos while(C) all the rest have(G)taken time
This (D)didn't do a lot for(G) you

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And the corners laced with memories
Tell you how it used to be
Your mother smiles, the children play, and all
the bad things happen miles away

And strong feelings never bother you
You hold your head up while the rest of us try to

Oh, call the stations
Call the people
We all want to know
'Cos while all the rest have taken time
You don't wanna know


Well, there's a good tradition of love and hate staying by the fireside
There's a good tradition of love and hate staying by the fireside

And though the rain may fall - your father's calling you
You still feel safe inside
And though your ma's too proud - your brother's ignoring you
You still feel safe inside

Oh, was this solo?
Was this yesterday?
Was this true for you?
'Cos of all the choices you have made
This didn't do a lot for you