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Hes Still My Man Chords

He's Still My Man 

G#         D#                 G#  
My man can make my heart feel sad
                   D#                 G#  D# G# G F# 
He runs around and that makes me feel bad
              F           Bbm                  C#m
And when he's had his fun he comes in with the rising sun
Fm                                 Bb 
Looks at me, says, Honey, don't be mad.
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But I'll take the bitter with sweet
And cherish the love I get each time we meet
'Cause when he holds me tight I tell him, everything's all right.
Bb             D#		 G#
While my heart crumbles at his feet.

G#                       C                C# 
But Lord, please help me stop his urge to roam
        Bb			  Bbm         D#  
Help me love him all I can 'cause love makes a home
        G#               C        C# 
There's something deep inside him I can't understand
    Bb        D#            C    Bb        D#            G#   
But meanwhile he's still my man, meanwhile he's still my man.

There's something deep inside him...

by: Josť Duarte