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Found A Job Stop Making Sense Chords

This is the best song on the album, I couldn't find a tab anywhere so i did it myself

verse, picked medium speed palm muted
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                VERSE 1
Damn that television, What a bad picture
Its not a major disaster
Theres nothing on tonight he said
Idont know whats the matter
Nothings ever on she said so I dont know why you bother
Judys in the bedroom
A       C         A    D
Inventing situations
Bob is on the street today,
scouting out locations
Theyve enlisted all their family
theyve enlisted all their friends
It helped save theyre relationship,
   E                   G         E          D(dropped D)
and made it work again

verse two and three same as first, the interlude uses the verse chords with a guitar soloing over the top