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Tabitha's Secret

Lyrics by Rob Thomas
Music by Jay Stanley, John Goff, Brian Yale & Rob Thomas
Tabbed by Jay V

Note: Here's another guitar tab JUST for you people here at!

      Remember that a "C" chord is actually a C / C(add9) such as rhythm
      figure 1. Variations do appear of course. Improvise to your heart's

Intro: (Riff 1. four times)
   C             C (add9)
e -----------------|-----------------|
B -1-------1---1-2-|---2---1---1-1-1-| riff 1.
G -0-------0---0-0-|---0---0---0-0-0-|
D -2-------2---2-2-|---2---2---2-2-2-|
A -3-------3---3-3-|---3---3---3-3-3-|
E -----------------|-----------------|

    F                     C
And outside, the sky is falling
F                                 C
People dodging raindrops, staying dry
     F                                                       C
And inside, I never gave a damn about those outside people anyway
       Dm     Fill 1.
And it hurt me
F                          C
They don't even know who I am
[ Tab from: ]
    F                  C
And inside, there's no rainbows
    F                                            C
And inside, I try I try I try, I try to clear my head
    Dm     Fill 1.       F
And outside, the rain is drying
And inside, I'm dying

          F                                                            C
'Cause in here, I'm staring at the rings my coffee cup has made on the table
      F                                                       C
And in here, I know I know I know, that this is as good as it gets
      F                                                 C
And in time I hope to be the one that talks about the other half
      Dm        Fill 1.               F
Until then, I count the cracks on the wall
Until it's time to lay my head

    F                   C
And inside, I play with shadows
    F                                                       C
And inside, I know I know I know, that I'll feel this way all day, all day
    Dm       Fill 1.          F
And outside, there's hope for trying
And inside, I'm dying

(riff 1.)
(acoustic guitar solo based on verse riff; F ~ C/C(add9) chords three times)

           Dm      Fill 1.             F
You walk before me, lord knows I can't follow
You walk behind me and I don't think I can lead
           Dm      Fill 1.             F
You walk around me, please don't walk around me
'Cause you know how dizzy I get

Fade out with Riff 1.

Fill 1.
  Dm~Em   F
e -1-3----1--------|
B -3-5----1--------|
G -2-4----2--------|
D --------3--------|
A --------3--------|
E --------1--------|