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From: (David C. Fleming)
Subject: CRD: "Love You" by Syd Barrett

"Love You" by Syd Barrett from the album _The Madcap Laughs_
transcribed by Dave Fleming (

For the intro I stick to E (or E7) shape barre chords.  This is
a pretty simplistic approach on my part which, of course, I don't
think this is 100% right, so if you have any improvements, please
let me know:


     	A	577655
	B	799877

	A7	575655
	G7	353433
	F#7	242322

	A	577655
	B	799877

	E	022100

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For the verses, I use the following forms,
	A	577655
	A#	688766
	B	799877
	E	x79997


Honey, love ya,
Honey, little honey, funny, Sunday morning
Love you more funny, Love in the skyline baby.
Ice cream, 'scuse me,
                                     A        E
I've seen you looking good the other evening

Oh, you, dig it
Had to smile just an hour or so
Are we in love like I think we be?
It ain't a long rhyme, it took ages to think
I think I'll hurl it in the water, baby.

Repeat first verse

Flaking you are
A nice little one to put it all around
It's just good, I like it
Hey, hey, hey. Suppose some time that day
Whoopee, swing it on over across to me.

Repeat first verse

Good time rocker woman
Will stray, ah, pieces a little creepy
We shine so sleepy,
So whoopee
That's how you look

Repeat first verse