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Effervescing Elephant Chords

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From: (allen lutins)


   G                          G7
An effervescing elephant with tiny eyes and great big trunk

     C                              C7
once whispered to the tiny ear, the ear of one in fear, you hear

that by next June he'd die, Oh yeah!

And the tiger would roam, the little one said,

"Oh my goodness -- I must stay at home!

    G                               G7
And every time I hear a growl, I'll know the tiger's on the prowl,

    C                                   C7
And I'll be really safe, you know, the elephant, he told me so."

Everyone was nervous, Oh yeah!
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                    D                                  D7
And the message was spread to zebra, mongoose and the dirty hippopotamus

    G                                  G7
who wallowed in the mud and chewed his spicy hippo-plankton food

and tended to ignore the word,

   C7                            G
referring to a survey I heard of stupid water bison

Oh yeah!  And all the jungle took fright,

and ran around for all the day and the night,

But all in vain because, you see, the tiger came and said,

     G7              C
"Who me?  You know I wouldn't hurt not one of you --

  C                                  G
I much prefer something to chew, and you're all too scant."

   C                 D   G
Oh yeah!  He ate the elephant.
 "Is it not the rich who are exploiting you?  Are they not the ones
  who are dragging you into court?"              -- James 2:6 [NIV]
 allen `alley cat' lutins