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so this song is pretty easy to play. It's one of my favorites. My band and I even used
it when we led worship one time.. it's a pretty effective song. anyways, it's pretty
much the same Am F C G chord progression, save a few F's at the end of each verse and
what i like to call the chorus, or the "it's all i know" parts. should be 100% accurate

questions or comments? foreelsdude@yahoo.com, AIM:pistons2datop

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  Am              F              C       G
There's always something in the way
Am               F                C         G
There's always something getting through
             Am  F
But it's not me
      C    F
It's You
      C    G
It's You

(the rest of the verses follow the same chord progression)

Sometimes ignorance rings true
Hope is not in what I know
It's not in me me
It's in You

Am          F
It's all I know
Am           F
It's all I know
Am           F
It's all I know

just play some Emin variations here. Em7, Em, and 022022, and 022040 work pretty well.
end the bridge with an F and go straight into the first verse.

end it with the same chord progression as the verses singing "it's in You" and "it's
You." this song also harmonizes well with two voices. you can end the song cleanly on
an F, or leave it empty with an Amin.