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Old Friend Chords

(A)What do I know?  Somebody (F#m)tell me.
(A)I've been running from you for so (F#m)long.
(A)Please help me Lord.
(F#m)Find my direction.
(A)I just can't do it on my (F#m)own.

(D)You lift me up.  You rescue (A)me.
(E)It's good to (D)be with you old (A)friend.
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(A)Sometimes I think, how can you (F#m)love me?
(A)My thoughts are so far from your (F#m)own.
(A)Why choose me Lord?  I'm a poor (F#m)reflection.
(A)Why use to make yourself (F#m)known?


On the second time he songs the chorus at the end instead of singing
"It's good to be with you old friend, he sings, "The cross you bore on
calvary."  Then the third time he sings it normal.  Have fun with this 
song.  If you have comments or by any chance want to e-mail me the solo,
reach me at