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Author/Artist: Superdrag
Title: Nothing Good Is Real
Album: Regretfully Yours
Transcribed by: Alan Hromas

Intro: 4 bars of drums... and:

    G(6)       Cmaj7       G(6)       Cmaj7

Note: the intro not exact... just understand the point, 
	which is use the G(6) and Cmaj7 chords listed below
	strumming in a gentle rythym. for the right hand, 
	i use my thumb to sort of strum the bass notes and 
	i use my index and middle fingers to grab the notes
	on the b and e strings. sorry if that's confusing
	but you'll figure it out, i'm sure. this same method
	is used in the verse also. most important: be relaxed!
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	that said, this guitar pops up a couple of bars after
	the above guitar... heavily distorted, but volume low:
   (G6)                (Cmaj7)      
G|--9^11-(11)-(11)------7^9-(9)-(9)----------------| repeat

Note: that's right... hendrix style oblique bends! hopefully
	you understand these, but if you don't no big deal. i'll
	try to explain. for the G6 bend, finger the 7th fret
	of the b string with your left index finger.
	next, finger the 9th fret g string with your left
	ring finger. strum both strings simultaneously, and
	bend the g string up with your ring finger (i recommend
	reinforcing the bend with your middle finger) bend
	the g string up one whole step, until it rings the same
	pitch as the b string... that's an oblique bend.

Verse: pretty straightfoward, here's the shapes:

	G(6)        Cmaj7
	0		0
	0		0
	0		0
	0		2
	2		3
	3		x

they alternate every bar.
at times in the verse, they'll throw in:
high e: 0  2 3 2 0

chorus: one guitar strums the chords, one plays the octaves.
	w/distortion... don't use verse shapes, use these:

	G	D/F#	Em7	G6	Cmaj7
	3	3	3	0	0
	3	3	3	0	0
	0	2	0	0	4
	0	0	2	0	5
	x	x	2	2	3
	3	2	0	3	x

octaves part:
   G     D/F#    Em7   G6   Cmaj7 (and a bar of just Cmaj7)
G|-12----11-------9-----7-----4/4---4--------------| repeat
hard song to explain... you'll figure it out.