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Liquor Tab

by John Davis
arr. by Superdrag

	C#m        E
verse:	You let me down
        C#m                E
	I guess I'm still around

	C#m        E
	You let me slide

	C#m               E
	I wish that I had died

cue:	(one, two, three, four)

	C#m       A
prechr:	You never knew

	C#m	               A
	The things your beauty made me wanna do
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	C#m       A
	As if you care

	C#m              A
	As if you'd ever let me take you there

        E     F#m            Amaj7
chorus:		You'll never see

	B     C#m        Amaj7 
		What you could have had in me

	E     F#m             Amaj7
		It won't come soon
	B     C#m                      Amaj7	
		If you only could have felt inside of you

	E     F#m         Amaj7 .....