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American Paradox Tab


By:John McCorkindale (

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Note: Drop to full D tuning 
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m= Mute
x= Dead strings, just hold your hand lightly over them and play em
h= Hammer on (when written on the line NATURAL harmonic when written above the 
~= tremolo
*= Pinch or ARTIFICIAL harmonic (pick and brush string with side of thumb in 
                                 the right place)
(*)= half a pinch harmonic..scrape your thumb over the string, but allow partially
     the harmonic and partially the fretted note to sound
... or ..= Sustain
+= you'll see this only for natural harmonics, it just means that instead of
   lightly touching over noted fret, touch a bit further up to sound the harmonic
>= Slide down, or up (if there's a higher fret indicated after the >)