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Interstate Love Song Tab

Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Tabbed By: John Leadman

I got this off the internet so it is the other dudes fault but it sounds good

Intro Riff:
e ---------------------------------------------------------
b ---------------------------------------------------------
g -----------------------------------------9---------------
d --11~~-9-11s9-----------------9--11--14s11--11~~~~~------
a --------------11~~-9s7~~-9-11----------------------------
C#m        E         A        Ab B C#m  C#m          E

Main Riff:
e --------------------------]
b --------------------------]
g --------------------------]
d ------12-11-9-7-7h9p7h9---]
a --------------------------]
e --------------------------]

Followed by the chords E AA E
Repeat Main riff  Then Chords  E A E
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Verse:  Chords C#5 xxx C#5   C5 xxx C5  B5 xxx B5  Bb5 xxx Bb5     A~~~
Then a brief Bass section w/ (I think the chords)  E AA E    E A E
Repeat Verse  and E A chord switching

Main Riff Section

Chorus: C#m E A Ab B Ab
Then    C#m E A Ab B C#m
Then    C#m E~~~

Main Riff Section

Main Riff Section

Repeat A chord at progression's end for "goodbye" Lyric

Main Riff section,  end on E A E~~~~ chords.

P.S.  Ignore the 9 on the g string on the intro riff, It was a mistake
P.P.S.  The chorus chord progression Is basically the C#m E A   with the Ab B Ab  
        and Ab B C#m  sections occuring whe the lead vocals oscillate on the lyrics 
        "You LIED hi hied." and  "Go BYE hi hi" Hope this is good