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Days Of The Week Tab


Stone Temple Pilots
Days of the Week
Shangri La-Dee-Da
Tabbed by Kyle

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   A             E       A        G  A   B  A   G      B A G
e  0--x--0-0--x--0-0--x--0-0--x-- 0  0---0--0---0--00--0-0-00
b  2--x--2-2--x--0-0--x--2-2--x-- 3\ 5---7--5---3--33--7-5-33
g  2--x--2-2--x--1-1--x--2-2--x-- 4\ 6---8--6---4--44--8-6-44
d  2--x--2-2--x--2-2--x--2-2--x-- 5\ 7---9--7---5--55--9-7-55
a  0--x--0-0--x--2-2--x--0-0--x-- 5  7---9--7---5--55--9-7-55
e                0-0--x

Chorus: Play 2x

B          4-4-4
G  3-3-333-4-4-4
d  4-4-444-4-4-4
A  4-4-444-2-2-2
E  2-2-222-

then play:  (when he says “four days of the week”, and come in on “days”.)

E   0-0-0-x
B   0-0-0-x
G   2-2-2-4
d   0-0-0-4
A   0-0-0-2

 Just pick of   E   A  G  A   with some riffs in between, i just improvise.

  and thats about it. if u have corrections, please email me, or post them urself. bye.