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Bother Chords

Song: Bother
Artist: Stone Sour
Tuning: Standard
Chorded by: Vin

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INTRO:  Riff A

Riff A:
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Ebm    Db/Eb   Ebm   Db/Eb
Wish I was too dead to cry
Db                      Ebm Db/Eb  
as self affliction fades
Ebm Db/Eb         Ebm  Db/Eb
Stones to throw at my creator
Db             Gb      Db/Eb
mascicists to which i cater

Ebm               Db/Ebm
you don't need to bother,
Ebm             Bb
I don't need to be 
Ebm                 Db/Ebm
I'l keep slippin' farther,
B                 Db                   B Db/Ebm