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She Bangs The Drums Chords

This song is one of my fravourites.  Its a bit fast and so the strumming is diificult. The best way to 
each chord is down down up up down up.  With the Esus4on the first up strum when playing E.  Any here it is

Intro |E    |E    Eus4|

Verse 1

E                       Esus4 E
I can feel the earth begin to move
                 Esus4   D
I here my needle hit the groove

And spiral throught another day
I here my song begin to say
                  Esus4     E
Kiss me where the sun don't shine
                           Esus4   D
The past was your but the future's mine

You're all out of mine
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Verse 2 (Chords same)
I don't feel to steady on my feet
I feel hollow, I feel weak
Passion fruit and Holy Bread
Fill my guts and ease my head
Through the early morning sun
I can see her here she comes,
She bangs the drums

A        D                  A
Have you seen her, have you heard?
The way she plays there are no words
        D             E
To describe the way I feel
A            D            A
How could it ever come to pass?
              D                    A
She'll be the first, she'll be the last
         D             E
To describe the way I feel, the way I feel


|Asus4   |A      |Esus4   |E     |
|E     |E     |E     |E       |D     |D     |D     |D      |
|E     |E     |E     |E       |D     |D     |D     |D   E   |

Chorus repeated twice

Instrument as chorus to fade