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Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 16:35:16 EST
From: "Carl .........." 
Subject: CRD: Empty Arms by Stevie Ray Vaughan

Song: Empty Arms
Artist: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Album: Soul To Soul
Transcribed By: Carl (

This is my first time doing this, so fare with me.
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You're gonna miss me darlin',
A                E
The day that I'm gone;
You're gonna miss me darlin',
The day that I'm gone;
'Cause I'm leavin' in the mornin',
A7                  E   B7
Won't be back at all

Verse 2:
 You Have run me ragged, baby;
Your own fault you're on your own(repeat)
You didn't want me no way baby,
Till that other man was gone.
Verse 3:
 You can try and get me back,
with all your tricks and charms,(repeat)
But when all your games are over,
(tacet)You'll be left with empty arms!
End turnaround: E   C9 B9