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Local Boy In The Photograph Bass Tab

Stereophonics - Local Boy in the Photograph (Correction)


G ----------------------------
D ----------------------------
A ------------------------3--0
E ---3--------7-----7/12------

Fill type part:

G ------------------------
D ---0--------------------
A ----------3---2---0-----
E ----------------------3-

After this go back into the verse.
Until you come to the part where Kelly sings:

"And all the friends lay down the flowers ..."
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G ----------------------------------
D --2-----0-------------------------
A -------------0----3-2-3-2-3-2-3-2-
E ----------------------------------

This is fairly simple, listen to the song and it all makes sense.
Feel the Noise!

I do not know who originally tabbed this but anyway, cheers to whoever it was.
I have added some improvements, I am fairly sure that this is what Richard plays.

And if you have any questions/comments/abuse, please do e-mail me.

Well anyway must dash
Feed the ponies ... and the whores

Sophie "The Fool" Leckenby