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Just Looking Tab


e     --------------------------------           b- bend
B     --4b---------3---1---0----------           r- release
G     --2br-0--------0---0---0-0-0h2r0           h- hammer on
D     --------------------------------  x2
A     --------------------------------
E     -----------3-------------------- 

e     --------------------------------
B     ----3---1---0-------------------
G     ------0---0---0-0-0h2r0---------
D     --------------------------------  x2
A     --3-----------------------------
E     --------------------------------    
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e     -----------------------
B     ----1---0---1---0---1--
G     ------0---0---0---0----
D     -----------------------  X2
A     --0--------------------
E     -----------------------

e     ---------------------
B     ----1---0---1---0---1
G     ------0---0---0---0--
D     ---------------------  X2
A     ---------------------
E     --3------------------

Then back to main rythm til chorus which go like so

         G   Cadd9            G   Cadd9       
I'm just looking,     I'm not buying

keep playing same chords till end of chorus then it should go back to
the main rhythm. play all the solo which leads into the chorus again.

unfortunatly i dont know the bridge so you'll have to work that part
out yourselves. good luck