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Vanilla Ice Cream Chords

vanilla ice cream - stephen lynch

Standard Tuning

Capo 1
Intro:  A - Em - A - Em
verse 1: same chords as intro
have a seat and listen please don't say a thing
in matters of the heart sometimes the truth will have a sting
just donít take it personally this is no attack
    A             Em                G         F#/D    Em
but we will never last because iím white and you are also white

[ Tab from: ]
            A               Em               G       D
i only like black girls the brown girls the cafť au lait
A                 Em                G        D
caramel girls and mocha girls just blow me away
A                 Em                   G         D
if you are nubian i want you to be in every fantasy
    A                        Em
but if youíre a whitey, say nighty nighty
    E|-3------------2---|    A         Em
youíre just not the girl for me.