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Tennessee Chords

Intro: E-A
Verse 1:
E                                         A                 E
I've seen rocky mountains and great lakes
E                                              Bm
Stood beneath the red woods trees
E         A                   Bm C#m          
But wherever I go my heart aches 
C#m      A              E
For a place called Tennessee

C#m         A             E              Bm
Oooooooooooooh Come with me 
A                                           E
Where the Whisky flows like wine
A                                   Bm
And the meth labs are divine 
C#m           A        E             Bm
)oooooooooooooh I wanna be
A                                      E                     A             Bm   E  
Where the sweet tobacco grows and its picked by poor Negros in Tenneessee 

Verse 2:
E                            A                    E
Its a place where duling banjos play
E                                       Bm
And the mountain folk run free
E                     A                       Bm  C#m              A              E
Where all the children can spell KKK but cannot spell Tennessee
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C#m        A      E                  Bm 
Oooooooooooh come with me 
A                                                 E
Where every Cheek is filled with chew 
A                                    Bm
And no ones ever seen a jew
C#m    A          E                Bm
Ooooooooooooh I wanna be 
A                                            E
Where the hot dogs are deep Fried
A                                  Bm                E
Thats the reason Elvis died in Tennessee

C#m    A         E                 Bm
Ooooooooooh come with me 
A                                         E
Where the baptist preacher shouts
A                                       Bm 
And if you're gay you best get out
C#m     A     E           Bm
ooooooooh I wanna be 
A                                   E
Where hospitalities the thing
A                                  Bm 
Just ask Martin Luther King
Shot in Tennessee

E                                      A             E
The Birth place of Aretha queen of soul
E                             Bm
And BB King and Al Gore
E               A                   Bm C#m   A
And I'm not saying its a s*** hole
E              A                       E
But they don't live there anymore

C#m    A     E                  Bm              A                   E 
Oooooooooh I wanna see mountain dew in every cup 
A                                    Bm 
And all the dentists just gave up 
C#m  A   E                      Bm 
Ooooooooh come with me 
A                                   E
In my flat bed pickup truck 
A                                         Bm                E
Thats where the classy ladies F*** in Tennessee 
C#m      A            E  
Ooooh in Tennessee