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Gynecologist Tab

Another well done Stephen Lynch song!!

Standard Tuning

get the tempo from the song because I wouldn't trust my tempo markings. 

  A      Bb             A                   Bb
E-5--5-5-6             -5------------5--5-5-6           
B-5--5-5-6  \          -5------------5--5-5-6  \        
G-6--6-6-7   x3   then -6-6-5--------6--6-6-7   x3 
D-7--7-7-8  /          -7----6-5-----7--7-7-8  /        
A-7--7-7-8             -7-------6-5--7--7-7-8           
E-5--5-5-6             -5----------6-5--5-5-6      

     -5------------5--5-5-6            -5------
     -5------------5--5-5-6  \         -5------
then -6----------5-6--6-6-7   x3  then -6------
     -7-------5-6--7--7-7-8  /         -7------
     -7----5-6-----7--7-7-8            -7------
     -5-5-6--------5--5-5-6            -5-----7

repeat 1st part of intro for verse:
  A      Bb
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I'm a rich and famous doctor
knew I'd always be
an expert in the field of

Next on my agenda
checking your poondenda
let me see what I can find
if you get the nerve up
sit inside the stirup
single thought won't cross my mind
*(stop playing)* I love....
puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutting womens' minds at rest
I love...
puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuushing myself to be the best
*(stop playing)* Dr. Stephen's in
augh! (continue)

do last part of intro

i've got magic fingers
doctor of the year
there's not a lip that I can't read
a pap that I can't smear
*(stop playing, pause, thumb guitar twice)*

when your legs are open
I begin the gropin'
but I fear I must be blunt
i would just assume
i'd go to your balloon 
i think i will stick to your c.....
*(stop playing)* front

puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.........*(fade out)*

thank god for men like stephen lynch

have any major life questions
check the manual.
there is a god, there is a plan
and the space ship is coming.
              - Maria Bamford, Comedy Central Presents