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A Love Song Chords

Song: A Love Song
Artist: Stellar Kart
Tabbed by: RockStar

These are the REAL chords! Hope you enjoy!

D    xx0232
Dsus xx0233 
D2   xx0230
G    320033
A    xo2220
Bmin x24432

Listen to the CD for the rythym during the verse.


[D Dsus D2 D] [D D2 D]
You are Lord, Lord of my life
Every day I lift you up high
I praise you Lord my God and King
You reign in me for eternity
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          G    A       D  Dsus  D2  D
This is a love song to you

          G      A      D  Dsus  D2  D
A song of praise to you Lord

          G    A    Bmin     G
I kneel before your glorious throne

             G    A       D  Dsus  D2  D
To show that I am yours alone


Same rythym as verse

[D Dsus D2 D] [D D2 D]
Hallelujah,    I love you

This is what I came up with. If you have any comments/suggestions please email me @ Thanx.