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Version: 4 Type: Bass Tab

Black And White Bass Tab

Band: Static-X
Song: Black and White
Album: Machine
Tabbed by: Kyle (

This is my first attempt at a tab so please bear with me 
and if its totally wrong feel free to let me know. 
This song has strange tuning, my bass teacher told me to 
play it in standard tuning but I think if you 
tune the A and D strings down a step it will be correct 
although you can play it in standard tuning and 
it sounds fine in my oppinion.

The main riff is like this listen to the song to pick up timing. 
Sometimes in the song you don't play the last '7' you might want to 
experiment with it a bit.

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The, "losing your mind," bit (the slower part) goes like this:

Again, in standard EADG tuning this will sound higher than the song, 
you might have to fiddle with the tuning.

Static-x - Black And White
Tabbed By: j0e
EMail: bmxfreak223

sry about that the intro chourus and bridge are all done on the e