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Late Nite Radio Chords

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Date: Fri,  1 May 1998 22:09:54, -0500
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album: Best of
song: Late Nite Radio
aritst: Bill & Taffy Danoff
transcribed: Ken Reynolds

Enjoy the following selection:

Late Night Radio
Bill & Taffy Danoff     (klr)

There's [D] lonely hearts in Arkansas,
There's [G] truckers in Des Moines
All [A] there to keep me [A7] company in the [D] early morn
A world unknown to daytime
Is for [G] ever going on
The [D] airwavwes of the [A] nation
Between [G] midnight and the [D] dawn

Late [G] night [D] ra [A] dio,
[Bm] Take it everywhere I go
My [G] best friend when I'm [D]lonely
Is my late [Asus] night radio  [D]
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Well, I [D] turn the dial
A little bit past [G] one-o-one point two
In [A] time to catch the [A7] news
And see who is [D] shooting who
Then I hunt around for old songs
They're so [G] good to hear again
To [D] think of how it [A] was,
Imagine [G] how it might have [D] been

Late [G] night [D] ra [A] dio,
[Bm] Take it everywhere I go
My [G] best friend when I'm [D]lonely
Is my late [Asus] night radio  [D]
[Bm] la la la, I sing along
'Cause I [A] never know the words
[D] la la la la [G] la la la la [A] la
I'd [G] love to call a talk show
But I haven't got the nerve [D]
la la la [A] oh oh oh [D] radio

The Lord is still my sheperd,
But these [G] preachers have got to go
This [A] time of night my [Asus] intrest lie in [D] UFOs
So I turn the dial a little past [G] fifty-six point three
To [D] find myself a [A7] lullaby
To [G] rock me off to sleep [D]   chorus 2x

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